Why you should not charge the mobile battery to 100%

Why you should not charge the mobile battery to 100%

The batteries are one of the most vulnerable elements in Android smartphones. It is therefore recommended that you take a number of steps to extend their useful life. Experts recommend that we don’t charge our mobile batteries to 100% to prolong their life. However, if you aren’t sure why this is a good idea, then we will explain. Your battery’s useful life is reduced if it is charged to 100%.

These are the main reasons you shouldn’t charge your phone battery to 100%.
First, it is important to understand that your battery has a charge cycle. It charges from 0 to 100 percent and then goes through certain charging cycles. The battery will lose its autonomy once these cycles have been exceeded.

This is due to the accumulation and movement of electrons in the batteries during charging. Although smartphones’ lithium batteries will eventually wear out, this is a natural property of their materials. However, you can extend their useful life by reducing the load cycles.

You will need to keep the battery charged between 20 and 80 percent. This will allow the battery to last for several cycles. How to check your Android phone’s battery health.

You can find many apps in the Google Play Store that can help you accomplish this task. However, Accubattery is the best free app that you can set up to notify you when your battery charges reach 80%. This application allows you to see how much load you have used and the overall state of the battery.


Why you should not charge the mobile battery to 100%
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