Windows 10 22H2: Microsoft confirms “limited functionality”
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Windows 10 22H2: Microsoft confirms “limited functionality”

Microsoft created a lot of confusion when it launched the Windows 10 22H2 feature upgrade through the Release Preview channel. The release notice did not contain any information. The development team has now done more.

Microsoft has one for the Addendum on the Windows Blog Written. This should make it easier to understand version changes. Thurrot, an online magazine, was among those who discovered this. Microsoft has confirmed that the Windows 10 version 22H2 build available in the Release Preview channel of Windows 10 is a maintenance update. A maintenance update is a build that does not make any changes. This should be a good thing. The insider test is limited to the actual update process, which is the delivery of the operating system updates.

According to Windows’ blog:
“This build is focused on validating service technology. Windows 10, version 22H2 includes a variety of features. Microsoft will provide more information about this update in the coming months.

“Update later in the year”
It is not clear why Microsoft didn’t publish this information on the Release Preview channel at the start. You would have avoided a lot more speculation about the changes and the early start. This new addition blurs the lines between Windows 10 users and the 22H2 update. Microsoft will likely stick to its fall release “later this year”.

You also have a limited amount of new functions. As experts suspected, there will only be a minor maintenance update this fall. It will likely bring very few or none new functions.


Windows 10 22H2: Microsoft confirms “limited functionality”
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