Windows 11: Microsoft tests two search boxes in the taskbar
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Windows 11: Microsoft tests two search boxes in the taskbar

Microsoft has released the Windows 11 Insider preview. It is currently testing two new search fields in the Windows 11 taskbar. These are not particularly flexible and were only available in the Dev Channel. This channel is primarily aimed at developers and powerful users. To activate the tool live, you must first perform the search, which is known from Windows 10.

Search for taskbar
The latest Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25158 includes two new search bar or buttons for the operating-system taskbar. Microsoft has tested new search fields in Windows 11’s taskbar (Image by Deskmodder). The optional feature could be for Windows 11 23H2, but it may not be available in the interim, or it could be backported to Windows 11 22H2, already in the near future.

Search can lead to a loss in function
Another option is to distribute the search as a feature drop in the new release cycle, the so-called “Moment”. Transition to the new release model, which includes four feature drops per annum and a new edition every three-year, is still being planned. Microsoft will not likely adjust its Windows 11 development and update cycle until the Fall of next year, as per the timeframe for the Windows 11 23H2 rollout.

Windows 10 already knows this information
The “new” taskbar searching feature is actually an older feature in Windows and was recently added to the Windows 10 feature list. Windows 11 should now support one or more versions of the search. The open-source tool Vive can enable search fields in build 25158, the 10.0.25158.1000.1000 rs_prerelease. The basic requirements to use the new view are Windows 11 Insider Preview 25158, and the Vive tool v0.3.1(ZIP). These tools can be found on the developer platform GitHub. In the taskbar, activate “Search”.

Download Vive Tool – Extract Archive
Right-click in the folder and choose Open in Windows Terminal
Enter the following commands at the terminal prompt:

Search can be viewed as text by using 1 and 2.
3 = magnifying glasses to view over a globe
4 = Large globe visible with small magnifying glasses
5 = Search the internet as text.
The same applies to “Open with”, which can be used in context menu to switch to Windows 11 design language.

Windows 11 22H2 is near
The Microsoft Flight hub provides additional information about the current development status. It lists all “Active Development Builds” of Windows 11. Microsoft is currently working on Windows 22H2, which will be released in phases as usual.

Windows 11: Microsoft tests two search boxes in the taskbar
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