Xiaomi MiGu headband allows you to control your devices with your mind

Xiaomi MiGu headband allows you to control your devices with your mind

The Xiaomi MiGu can read your thoughts thanks to three points located on it that are capable of receiving electrical signals and performing an EEG (Electroencephalography) of your brain.

Xiaomi is not only one of the most important mobile manufacturers in the globe, but also one of those brands that brings new products to market. This is evident in the Cyberdog robot dog, which will soon be available, as well as the Xiaomi Mijia Glasses Camera revolutionary glasses that combine a screen, camera and translator, which the Chinese company introduced just days ago.

The Chinese giant, Xiaomi, has just unveiled a headband that lets you control your devices using your mind. Xiaomi just unveiled the ultimate gadget: A headband that allows you to control your smart phones with your mind.

This is the Xiaomi device that will dominate them all
The Chinese media ITHome has confirmed that the Xiaomi MiGu headband, which can be used to control all smart devices and monitor fatigue while driving, was just launched by a Beijing-based Chinese company.

To achieve all this, the Xiaomi MiGu, a device that is part of the project that won the first prize in the third Xiaomi Group online hackathon is equipped with three points that can get electrical signals and using the potential differences between these points can perform an EEG or Electroencephalography a test that measures the electrical activity of your brain. The Xiaomi headband uses artificially-tagged machine learning to correlate the different brainwave shapes.

After training the AI, it will be possible for each type of brainwave to be matched with a specific action, such as turning on a smart light bulb. This Xiaomi gadget is essential for summer. It has a battery life of 18 hours and is less than EUR20. Unfortunately, this new gadget has not been released.


Xiaomi MiGu headband allows you to control your devices with your mind
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